The Protomorphogens Theory

Trophology is a word that describes the study of that which “Promotes growth”. In 1940s, Royal Lee, a dentist, an inventor, a distinguish pioneer nutritionist, and founder of “Standard Process” nutrition manufacturing company, combined the words “Applied Trophology” to refer to the study and application of nutritional principles which promote growth in specific tissues, organs and systems

In 1947, Royal Lee published "The Theory of Protomorphology“, the first of many publications on “Protomorphogens” (PMGs). Protomorphogens is the name Royal Lee used to describe “Extracts from the cell’s nucleus”. The theory of protomorphology is a complex one, but in its core, it describes in an elegant way the cause of “Autoimmune disorders” 

According to Royal Lee in his theory of protomorphology, each cell has specific proteins within the nucleus that gives its characteristics compared to other cells. A liver cell is a liver cell because of the protomorphogenic proteins in its nucleus, which act as a “Blue print” for making another liver cell. A cardiac cell is a cardiac cell because of its protomorphogenic proteins in its nucleus, and so on. Protomorphogens are the proteins that cause a “Stem cell” to transform into a tissue cell 

The body creates 2 main types of autoantibodies (Humoral immunity): one against foreign proteins, and one against protomorphogens (Self-destructive autoantibodies). These antibodies against the protomorphogens are created to ensure that these proteins do NOT wander around in the cell causing differentiation of a tissue (e.g., liver cell) in another area of the body

When a tissue in the body is injured, let’s say an intestinal tissue due to bad food or intestinal toxins, the cellular necrosis causes the spillage of the cells content into the surrounding tissues, and then into the blood. When the nuclear proteins (Protomorphogens) start to wander freely in the cytoplasm, the self-destructive antibodies will start to attack it making complexes with it and precipitate it (Type III hypersensitivity). According to Royal Lee, when the immune respond is exaggerated, or the necrosis is continuous, the antibodies will start to attack the tissue that originated these protomorphogens, causing an “Autoimmune disease” (e.g., Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease)

To give a chance for the affected organ to heal, Royal Lee created a way to extract the protomorphogens from animals and introduce them into the body as pills (e.g., Standard process's PMGs). These foreign protomorphogens will act as “Decoy” for the immune system, causing the autoantibodies to attack these animal protomorphogens when they are ingested by the patient on empty stomahc, entering his bloodstream, leaving the inflamed organ, buying time for organ to heal, and depleting the over-secreted self-destructing autoantibodies  

In a nutshell, the protomorphogen theory summarizes the autoimmune disorders as the following: (1) an injury occurs to the cell (e.g., estrogen toxicity, malnutrition, infection …etc.); (2) this cellular injury causes necrosis of the cell, which will leak its “Nuclear proteins content” into the blood stream; (3) these nuclear proteins (Protomorphogens) should NOT be in the blood stream since the blood stream carry NO waste products, except “Carbon dioxide – CO2”; the body will start to make “Autoantibodies” against the nuclear proteins of that injured tissue, which eventually will start to attack the injured tissue itself; (5) the autoantibodies will initiate “Chronic inflammation” into the diseased tissue, which will impairs healing process; (6) as the times passes, the organ will start to “Degenerate”, which will progress later into either “Atrophy” or “Cancer formation”; (7) the ONLY way for healing to occur is to STOP the autoantibodies first (via PMG therapy), and start to correct the initial cause of the cellular injury (e.g., estrogen toxicity, malnutrition, infection …etc.


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