The Holy Quran’s Cymatic Chladni Images

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Sound, depending on its frequency, can produce shapes in water or dust. These images are known as “Chladni images”, referring to Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni, a German-born Hungarian physicist and musician who did pioneering work in acoustics

In the Islamic world, the use of Quran chanting is a religious form of medicine. It has been used through the ages since the early years of Islam for therapy. A healer will put his hand over the patient’s head and start chanting specific verses from the Quran, which later will have healing powers depending on the patient’s faith in such therapy. Of course, any scientist now will tell you this is a “Placebo” effect, where when you believe in something that it will heals you, the body will respond even if it was a sugar pill

To me, as a Muslim doctor, I believe in the power of Quran to heal. The verses, based on their specific vibrational tone, can change the water molecules inside the cells, changing the medium of the cellular biochemistry. I am not the only one who believe in such things, and the famous experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto shows clearly that emotions and vibration can change the water crystals of the container

I had the idea that the use of Quran to heal is somehow similar to sound therapy, where specific frequencies are used to change the cystoskeleton within the cytoplasm of the cells, which in return affects the enzymes activity, and finally affects metabolism. To the listener, the Quranic verses, when are read by a powerful voice, creates a strange feelings inside the mind. Some researchers use the same bioresonance healing principle in the so called “Solfeggio frequencies

The Solfeggio frequencies are “Healing tones” used in the ancient mystic chanting of monks, typically found in many ancient Gregorian chants, such as the hymn of St John the Baptist. The solfeggio frequencies are basically the “Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doe: diatonic scale which we learn in the first few grades in school

The solfeggio scale tones were developed by a Benedictine monk, Guido D’Arezzo, and the scale was given to the church to be used in masses for spiritual purposes. The solfeggio frequencies are re-discovered in 1970 by Joseph Puleo by finding the frequencies with the use of the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction 

To test my theory that the Quran heals by specific healing sound frequencies, I had the help from the Musician Dameon M Keller, the author of the book “Sound's Good! The Spiritual Science of Sound and Vibration”; Dameon was so kind to analyze some specific verses from the Quran I sent him, and he even created digital Chladni images of the Quran verses. I cannot discuss the whole findings since he is about to publish them in a new books of his, investigating the healing properties of the Quranic verses chants, the Christian Bible chants, the Jewish Torah chants, and ancient Budu monks chants

An example of the beautiful analysis done by Dameon is the following clip from Sorat “Al-Naml”. The word “Naml” in Arabic means “Ant”, and the Sorah refers to an incidence mentioned in the Quran between an ant and Kind Solomon while he was marching with his army. It is well known that the Prophet Solomon was able to talk to animals, beside other miracles of his. You can watch Dameon’s nice digital analysis here

In the below clip, the reader’s voice and frequencies were found to be in resonance with “Schumann resonance” after digital analysis, the typical earth magnetic field frequency, and it is the same frequency where the human hippocampus in the brain is vibrating. It really interesting to know that the same typical natural frequency of the earth is emitted from these verses while listening to them, giving the listener a form of relaxation and anti-stress mental therapy

Lastly, look at the Chladni images created by Dameon digitally from the frequencies emitted from the clip, two of the Chladni images looks like an ant!! 


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