Gerson’s anti-cancer therapy case

In 2013 , a colleague doctor of ours in the radiology departemnt, may God bless her soul now, was diagnosed with stage VI pancreatic cancer with metastases to the abdomen, ovaries, and the spleen. She was in cachexia stage when she entered the hospital; in this stage, the patient losses weight fast, cannot eat, and become severely fatigued

The oncologists gave her less than 4 months to live and told her to write her will. The patient was a doctor, so knows what chemotherapy and radiotherapy are. I visited her in April 2013 and offered her to try “Gerson’s anti-cancer therapy”. I cannot explain everything about Gerson’s anticancer therapy and the history behind it, but I highly recommend for people to look for it, and to watch the movie “Dying to have known” about Gerson’s cancer therapy on You-tube, it is for free and its link is in the links section 

You can refuse anti-cancer therapy as much as you want, but since chemotherapy was not an option, we started her on special nutritional supplement of Dr. Nicholas Gonzales and Gerson’s therapy protocol. Within 3 months, you can see that the pancreatic cancer and its metastases shrunk and started to die within less than 3 months!

After this 3 months successful trial, proven by computed tomography images, the devils of oncology tricked her to take chemotherapy to “Increases her chances of survival!!”; I didn’t know about it until very late; but what happened, the cancer came back with a vengeance, and the cancer spread (Metastases) invaded her brain because the immune system has been totally shattered by the chemotherapy; she died later in the ICU from brain edema and the geniuses who gave her the chemotherapy couldn’t save her; the murderers!! 

They gave her 4 months to live, but she liver almost 2 years after Gerson’s therapy before she did her grave mistake, may God bless her soul. I don’t ask people to believe in natural cancer therapy. But I have radiographic images of many patient who started on natural therapy, before and after, proving that the cancer is dying and that cancer treatment worldwide is a very deep story of lying, deceiving, & on-going crime against humanity