Microcurrent therapy for management of pain

This case is based on the concepts described in my article “Microcurrent therapy”. Please read the article before reading this case

Microcurrent therapy against arthritic pain

Microcurrent therapy has an “Anti-inflammatory effect”’ it has a “Cortisone-like effect” over the inflamed area, based on the work by Dr. Robert O Becker, Dr. Jerry Tennant, Dr. James Oschman, and many other investigators

To see that in a practical way, I used microcurrent therapy via Tennant’s biomodulator to treat my friend’s sister shoulder. My friend’s sister has a rheumatoid-like arthritic pain in her joints; her shoulder was inflamed with limitation of movement

I did musculoskeletal ultrasound examination for her shoulder and found that one of her shoulder tendon’s is inflamed acutely (supraspinatus tendinitis). In the image, you can see a reddish-orange color is seen within the tendon; this technique is called “Power Doppler sonography”, and it measures the blood perfusion in the tissue. A normal tissue should NOT show high blood perfusion (Hyperemia), except in cases of inflammation

By using the microcurrent protocol of T8 of Tennant’s biomodulator, the signal of inflammation disappeared within 1 hour session and the patient felt so much better   

Microcurrent therapy against plantar fasciitis pain

In this case, I used the Tennant’s biomodulator to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis, experienced by a nurse colleague in our department. In the magnetic resonance image (MRI), you can see the arrow showing whitish color in the soft tissue, reflecting edema of acute inflammation, and how it is significantly-reduced after 30 minutes session of microcurrent therapy