Microcurrent therapy for correcting the bowling ball syndrome

This case is based on the concepts described in my article “Cranio-sacral therapy”. Please read the article before reading this case

In the teachings of Dr. Tennant’s, it is possible to move the vertebral column via microcurrent stimulation of the accessory nerve at the neck, which will send impulses to move the trapezius muscle, a very large muscle that is attached to the vertebral column. By stimulating the accessory nerves in the neck bilaterally, the brain will re-set itself and re-position the vertebral column via the contraction of the trapezius muscle

To test this theory, I used the Tennant’s biomodulator on some private patients of mine; after their permission, I took images of their spine before and after. You can see clearly that the spine responds to the neck electrical stimulation by shifting in movement (from malalignment to re-alignment)

The whole work can be viewed in this article