Osteoarthritis treated by PEMFs

This is a case of a 72 years old Kuwaiti gentleman who suffers from diabetes mellitus, right knee osteoarthritis, and blood disorder. The patient osteoarthritis is so severe that he was informed he needs knee replacement surgery; however, due to his medical condition and old age, the anesthesia will be a problem in his case, so he was left with pain killers for life!!

I tried to use pulsed-electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy on this patient. By using “Tennant’s biomodulator”, a microcurrent device, with its specialized accessory probe, the “Biotranducer”, a device that transforms the microcurrent into PEMF, the patient was treated for 5 months continuously

Every day, the patient comes for 30 minutes session. The biotransducer is used at the site of maximal pain. The patient reported feeling of reduced pain and less inflammation with every session

Above & below are 2 images of this case; the first one shows the position of the biotransducer over the knee with 2 thermal imaging before and after therapy. The image after therapy clearly show gushing of blood (Yellow color) into the area that was showing poor blood supply before therapy. Of course, more blood into an injured area means better healing due to nutrient and oxygenation 

The next image shows chronological magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that shows progression of the knee through the therapy sessions. The bone marrow edema within the medial femoral and tibial condyles are reduced with time until they are almost gone by the 5th month. This case was presented in the first Gulf Diabetic Foot Conference in Oman 2015; a small video about this case can be seen on You-tube:


PEMF and electric therapy is well known to be used for healing bone fractures, as first developed for bone healing by Dr. Robert O. Becker. From my own experience, with this case as a proof, PEMF therapy can be used in cases of osteoarthritis where patients cannot or do not want knee replacement surgery