Microcurrent therapy for athlete foot

According to the teachings of Dr. Terry Tennant, the development of cancer and fungal infections in the body arise due to “Reversed polarity” of the tissue electricity; meaning? The cellular alkalinity is transformed into acidity. Therefore, according to Dr. Tennant’s teaching, it is easy to kill cancer cells and fungal infection by supplying electric current through them, which will destroy cancer cells and fungal infections because it will reverse their “Positive” polarity(Acidic) into a “Negative polarity(Alkaline), causing their demise

To test this theory, I did the following trial; a patient with athlete foot has been treated with microcurrent therapy using the biomodulator and its pencil electrode. The patient took 2 sessions per day; each session is 5 minutes stimulation (8 hours apart at least), with a total of 10 minutes therapeutic sessions per day. The result is total loss of the fungal infection in 5 days only!! By the way, the patient has been suffering from athlete foot since more than 14 years, with multiple therapies ranging from local antifungal creams to herbs, with no success through all these years!

The same technique can be applied to shrink tumors, a form of therapy that uses an electrical device known as GEIPE device; theoretically speaking. However, already 2 articles have been published that uses microcurtrents in shrinking tumors; the last article published was in 2014, shrinking squamous cell carcinoma in 4 weeks!! 


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