Schüßler’s 12 tissue remedies

The human body is constitutes of 14 major natural elements from the periodic table:

Electro-negative (Ionic-form) elements: Oxygen, Chlorine, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Fluorine, Silicon, Carbon, Nitrogen

Electro-negative (Ionic-form) elements: Hydrogen, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium

The blood is constitute of organic (Glucose, fat, albumin. etc.) and inorganic (Minerals) constitutes. There are 12 minerals combinations that are known as “Cell-salts”, by which cells do NOT function normally. According to Schussler’s teaching, disease arises from lack of one or more of the blood constitute, most commonly cell salts. Each human cell has its own special and peculiar cell-salt.

The 12 essential cell-salts are composed of a combination of 10 minerals, which include

Calcium (Ca) group

1. Calcium fluoride (Calcarea fluorica, CaF2): found in “Elastic fibers, enamel of teeth, connective tissues”. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: varicose veins, piles, hard swellings (e.g., benign tumors), loose teeth, cataract, blood tumors, brain tumors of infancy, & back pain

2. Calcium phosphate (Calcarea phosphorica, Ca3(PO4)2): important for “Bone strength” and generating “New cells”, and almost always accompanied by albumin as a carrier. Lack of this salt can result or seen in (All worse at night!!): indigestion, headache near sutures, eye pain, dirty-looking face, serous otitis media, sinusitis, bad taste in the mouth, vomiting after cold drinks, fistulae formation, rheumatism, inflammation of the periosteum, skin itching, neuralgias

3. Calcium sulfate (Calcarea sulphorica, CaSO4): important for clearing tissue debris, and works as a “Blood purifier”; lacking this salt allows “Supporation” to continue too long. Deficiency of this cell-salt result in epithelial cells disintegration, and it is seen in “All supporative, ulcerative disorders

Potassium (Cl) group

4. Potassium chloride (Kali Muriaticum, KCl): important for the formation and the union of “Fibrins”, and works as “Anti-congesting agent”. Lack of this salt can result or seen in all Exodative inflammatory conditions”, diphtheria, dyspepsia, jaundice, rheumatic swellings, all skin diseases, and epilepsy. It is found in “Ringer lactate” solution 

5. Potassium phosphate (Kali Phosphoricum, K2HPO4): important for the function of the “Brain’s grey matter”, and considered the “Nerve salt”. This cell-salt combine with albumin and oxygen to give the nerves their grey matter. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: mental disorders, brain fog, neuronal abnormalities & neuralgia, paralysis, rheumatism. Medical uses:  

6. Potassium sulphate (Kali Sulphoricum, KSO4): this cell-salt is important for “Oxygen delivery” to tissues; ferrous phosphate deliver oxygen to the tissues via the RBCs, while potassium sulphate ensures its effective transfer to the tissues; deficiency of this cell-salt results in the feeling of “Suffocation”. It is found in all cells that contain iron, and very important cell-salt for “Skin” viability and health.  Lack of this salt can result or seen in: poor sleep, dandruff, neuralgias, & temperature rise at night

Magnesium (Mg) group

7. Magnesium phosphate (Magnesia Phosphorica, MgHPO47H2O): this cell-salt is mainly concentrated in the “White fibers of nerves & muscles”. Deficiency of this cell-salt results in “Cramps & paralysis” of nerves and muscle in any tissue. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: neuralgias, electric-like pain, mental disorders, twitching, chocking on attempt to swallow, abdominal bloating, pain on urination (Spastic bladder), epilepsy (from any cause), & general fatigue

Iron (Fe) group

8. Iron phosphate (Ferrum Phosphoricum, Fe3(PO4)2): this cell-salt is concentrated in RBCs, resulting in “Oxygen carrying capacity optimization”. Lack of this cell-salt results in Inflammation” in general in any organ, vomiting, urinary incontinence, & enuresis

Sodium (Na) group

9. Sodium chloride (Natrum Muriatricum, NaCl): this cell-salt is the most abundant cell-salt in the body, and it is important for regulating the “Body’s water content”. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: delirium tremens, heat-strokes, neuralgias, indigestion constipation, pulmonary edema, back-ache relieved by lying on something hard, involuntary movement of the legs. It is found in “Ringer lactate” solution

10. Sodium phosphate (Natrum Phosphoricum, Na2HPO412H2O): this cell-salt is an important “Alkaline salt” that when deficient results in tissues “Acidity” due to lack of lactic acid decomposition into carbonic acid & water. It works as a “pH balancer”. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: thick bile, worms’ infestation, sour taste in the mouth, rheumatic joint pain, eczema

11. Sodium sulfate (Natrum Sulphoricum, Na2SO410H2O): this cell-salt is important for “Regulating extracellular fluid excretion”, including extra-cellular fluid and blood. Deficiency of this cell-salt result in “Body edema”, as the water produced by lactic acid decomposition by sodium phosphate is unable to be excreted due to lack of sodium sulphate. Lack of this salt can result or seen in: bitter taste in the mouth, diabetes mellitus, hepatomegaly, profuse menses, back pain, extremities myoclonus, itching of the skin while undressing, & chills

Silica (Si) group

12. Silica (Silicon dioxide, SiO2): this cell-salt is important for “Connective tissue cleansing” and “Skin health”; lack of this cell-salt result in connective tissue breakdown and “Fistulae, openings & pus formation


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