Water therapy depends on the use of water to treat via drinking or topical use; water therapy is divided into 3 main forms:

Hydrotherapy: focuses on the “Non-mineral” properties of water to treat (e.g., pressure, cold, steam, bath … etc.)

Balneotherapy: focuses on the “Mineral” composition of water to treat; examples include “Carbonated water (Contains CO2 to cause vasodilation), Alkaline water (To reverse tissue acidity), Sulfated water (To detoxify suppurative inflammation), Sodic water (Water with high sodium content to stimulate and purify the lymphatics

Thalassotherapy: the use of “Sea water” to treat (e.g., Quinton’s marine plasma)


Quinton’s marine plasma

Trace minerals produced from salt beds on land are “Inorganic”, and they are NOT absorbed in by the human body unless they are transformed into “Organic form”. Inorganic minerals are not available at a cellular level and must be transformed into their “Crystalloid state – Organic form” in order to pass through the cell membrane, and therefore to direct cellular activities

When people and animals ingest inorganic minerals (e.g., sea salt), these trace minerals will be bio-available ONLY if the minerals are digested by “Plant life in their intestines in the form of bacterial flora” to hook up the inorganic element with a carbon atom so it can be transformed into an organic form. The abuse of antibiotcs and subclinical candidiasis hinders the intestinal flora’s ability to convert inorganic elements into their organic state

In 1879René Quinton, a famous French biologist, has discovered a form of Deep Ocean, vortex-shaped zoo-plankton blooms that feed on phyto-planktons, digests them, and excretes trace minerals in its organic form. He also found that whales migrate to these areas and ingest these vortices. Quinton found that almost 92 trace elements from the periodic table were found in this special form of sea water, and he named it “Marine plasma

Quinton marine plasma is almost 100% identical to human plasma. Quinton stated that (We are truly a living marine aquarium!). There are many similarities in the physical and physiological properties between human plasma and Quinton’s marine plasma. Quintons used to treat so many conditions by supplying marine plasma in intravenous (Isotonic 0.9%) and oral (Hypertonic 3.3%) forms to correct the extracellular fluid trace mineral deficiencies 

Quinton’s marine plasma is NOT normal seawater, and it is NOT extracted from random deep ocean locations. Because its identical properties to human’s plasma, Quinton’s marine plasma is absorbed by “Passive diffusion” into the intestine and do NOT require active transport like other mineral supplements 

The isotonic form is used for people with sympathetic dominance, children, elderly, and patients with hypersensitivities to foods and other allergens. In contrast, the hypertonic form is used for anabolic effect on metabolism. Improves endurance and strength, and people with parasympathetic dominance (Slow oxidation)


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