Essential oils (Aromatherapy)

Essential oils is the name used to describe aromatic (Benzene ring), volatile liquids found within many shrubs, flowers, trees and roots; unlike vegetable oils, these oils are extracted by “Steam distillation”. Also, in contrast to vegetable oils which easily become rancid with heat, these oils do NOT become rancid and have very powerful “Antibiotic” effect. Unlike fatty acids, essential oils contain “Sulfur” and “Nitrogen” groups

Most of these oils have 80-300 complex compounds, which are typically extracted by the “1st distillation”; however, some oils have active compounds that are get only through the 2nd and the 3rd distillation

The medical effects of essential oils come from the fact that these oils stimulate the secretion of: hormones, neurotransmitters, endorphins, antibodies, and enzymes. Moreover, essential oils have the advantage NOT disturbing the body’s homeostasis. There are 3 ways in which essential oils are applied:

The English way: uses essential oils diluted in vegetable oil (e.g., coconut or olive) and applied to topically via massage or acupressure 

The French way: uses the essential oils in un-diluted drops added to honey, juice, or in vegetable oil (e.g., coconut or olive) on bread and is taken internally 

The German way: uses the essential oil via inhalation 

The Essential oils vibrations

The work of Bruce Tainio showed that the normal cells have a vibration of 62-78 MHz. Disease starts when the cellular vibration is lowered to 58 MHz, while cancer starts when the vibration of the cells is lowered to 48 MHz. Candidiasis start when the cellular vibration reach 55 MHz, while Epstein-Barr virus infection start at 52 MHz. Part of the work of essential oils, beside their chemical effect, is their vibrational enhancement of the cells. As the cells start to die, their frequency reaches 25 MHz

Essential oils application internally or externally can augment the cells vibration (Lakhovsky-like effect) and kill germs by their vibration (Rife machine-like effect). Negative thoughts can reduce the cellular vibration by 12 MHz, and prayers and positive thoughts can raise the cellular vibration by 15 MHz. Spiritual frequencies ranges between 90-100 MHz

One of the common nutritional deficiencies that can increase the efficacy of essential oils is “Sulfur”. Sulfur deficiency can cause skin dermatitis, poor muscle tone, arthritis & rheumatism, and constipation


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