Violet Ray Machine Therapy

The “Violet ray” is an electrotherapy machine that was originally developed by Nikola Tesla and Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval in the early 1900s. According to historians, the first time Tesla used electricity to heal was on him-self after a car accident

The violet ray machine is a high frequency generator that uses Tesla coil to generate high frequency electrical current passed through vacuum glass electrodes. The coil invented by Tesla for this machine breaks the electric current into millions of small electric unit fragments, causing the electric current to have soothing, calming effect on the skin rather than electric shock and burning. Like using sprayed water on the skin, the violet ray machine “Sprays” electricity over the skin   

After the high-frequency electric current is passed through Tesla coil into the vacuum glass, the sprayed, broken electric current results in a “Violet” color formation, from which the name of the machine came

The violet ray in therapy thrived in 1930s and was used by many physicians at that time in in managing many diseases. Later, it was almost forgotten by 1960s and medical historians wrote nothing about it. In 1920s, it was easy to get violet ray machine from any drug store. It was used to treat arthritis, skin disorders, digestive disorders, and even eye disorders

Violet ray, although is considered an obsolete form of electrotherapy, still manufactured and used today in a small scale worldwide. According to Wikipedia, during the 1940s and 1950s, most makers of violet ray devices were subjected to numerous lawsuits and multiple actions by the US government, most likely influenced by the pharmaceutical companies. Many scientists and other forms of natural therapies were heavily attacked at that time by the American Medical Association (AMA) and its president Morris Fishbein, who waged wars against people with alternative, natural healing techniques like: Royal Rife (Rife machine), Wilhelm Reich (Orgone accumulator machine), Max Gerson (Gerson’s anti-cancer therapy), and Harry Hoxsey (Hoxsey anti-cancer tincture)  

The scientific effect of the violet ray on healing can be summarized as the following:

1. The electrical sprays emitted from the violet ray electrode penetrate the skin and electrify the microbes on the skin and the blood within the capillaries in the skin, working as “Electrical disinfectors”. This is the same principle used by Dr. Bob Beck in his anti-cancer protocol, but in an advanced form

2. Due to the high-frequency current emitted from the violet ray electrode, the oxygen in the air is transformed into “Ozone”, which can be smelled in the room when the violet ray machine is operated. Ozone is a known disinfector, and it also oxygenate the skin where the electrode is applied to

3. Application of the violet ray on the skin generates warm heat into the skin due to the current’s vibration. This warmth will cause vasodilation of the capillaries in the treated area, causing increase waste removal and more blood oxygen and nutrient delivery into the treated area

4. The heat and the electrical effect of the violet ray causes neuronal analgesia

5. Violet ray has been used to stimulate glands (e.g., thyroid, adrenals …etc.) based on the same principles mentioned above


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