Royal Rife frequency machine

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) was an American inventor who invented a one-of-a kind microscope and frequency machine that was able to kill germs by destroying their cell wall via destructive interference vibrational waves

The idea of Rife machine is as the following: each organism has a vibrational frequency at which it oscillates. The microbe’s frequency (the number of cycles per second at which it vibrated) is known as its “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” (MOR). An analogy explaining how Rife’s ray tube worked was the cliché of the soprano who shatters a glass with her pure, focused tone. If enough power were applied, the resonant frequency killed the microbe or debilitated it enough so that the body’s own immune cells could then dispose of it

MOR is delivered frequencies in the Radio Frequency (RF) range by sending an electrical current through a tube filled with noble gases (mostly argon and neon). The gases would light up the tube, and the frequencies were emitted as EM radiation

A microbial MOR frequency administered at a low power level is harmful to a microbe, but does not harm a larger host such as a human being or animal because the host has a much more complex structure than a microbe-and, hence, will barely feel the power input that can kill a tiny microbe

Today’s Rife units emit weak signals in lower ranges, mostly from (1-20,000 Hz). The user inputs the desired frequencies into the computerized machine, and a signal is sent to the noble gases in the tube. The resulting EM field disables or kills the microorganisms in the body, while also inputting energy into the body’s cells. A similar concept was used by Hulda Regehr Clark to destroy microbes via her “Zapper machine


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