Multiple Wave Oscillator Therapy

According to Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian inventor (1869 - 1942), the nucleus of a living cell may be compared to an “Electrical oscillating circuit”. This nucleus consists of tubular filaments, chromosomes and mitochondria, made of insulating membranes but filled by an “Electrically conductive intra cellular fluid”. These filaments have capacitance and inductance properties and are therefore capable of working like radio transmitters and receivers

In Lakhovsky’s model, life and disease is a matter of a ‘War of radiations’ between the body’s cells and microbes. If the radiations of the microbe win, disease and death will result. If the cell’s own energy transmission wins, then health is preserved. Therefore, Lakhovsky invented his celebrated Multiple Wave Oscillator, generating a field in which every cell could find its own frequency and vibrate in resonance

Lakhovsky tells us that not only do all living cells produce and radiate their own oscillations, but they also “Receive” and “Respond” to oscillations imposed upon them from outside sources (e.g., like how cell phones respond to outside calls). Typically, these frequencies are in the range of “Extremely low frequencies” (0-30 Hz)

What Georges Lakhovsky teaches us is that our life is the “Energy in our cells”. They vibrate and if that oscillatory rate drops to the levels shown by this lady, then blood perfusion drops and cancer is almost inevitable


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