Sound (Cyma) therapy

Sound is composed of “Mechanical pressure wave” in a compressible media (e.g., water, air … etc.). Sound is created when an object moves with enough force to “Compress / Displace” the surrounding air or medium by these waves

Sound energy is transmitted via “Pressure waves” that travels through a medium, which will cause “Tissue heating” by mechanical vibration of particles. The waves create sound by displacing air, resulting in “Audible frequencies(Sound). When the sound is “Coherent”, it will form a “Musical sound”. When the sound is “Incoherent”, it will form “Noise

Sound waves are divided into three groups:

1. Infr-asonic (< 16 Hz): they are too low to be heard

2. Intra-sonic (16-20,000 Hz): is the range of sound frequencies which we can hear, and it can be used for therapeutic purposes Therapy uses.

3. Ultrasonic (> 20,000 Hz): they are too high to be heard

Harmonics are a set of frequencies that is composed of one “Fundamental frequency” and its duplications. For example: Frequency 1 (60 Hz), Frequency 2 (120 Hz), Frequency 3 (180 Hz), Frequency 4 (240 Hz) … etc.

In 1780, musician and physicist Ernst Chladni found that when materials such as sand, oils, salts, or water exposed to sounds with certain frequencies, symmetrical visual patterns arises. These visual patterns are known as “Soundscapes” or “Chladni figures

The Swiss medical doctors and philosopher of science Hans Jenny (1904-1972) observed that since the soundscape images affect water, salts, and oils, then they must also affect the human cells since they are made up to 90% of these 3 materials; especially since sound penetrate faster within the material as it becomes denser

The body uses a wide variety of Quantum media to communicate within itself; these media include: Light (UV Biophotons), Magnetic fields, Sound (Phonons), and Micro-electrical currents. You cannot explain the almost instantaneous reflexes of the body by electricity from the nerves alone. These 4 quantum media regulate “Body chemistry”, “Mental activity”, and eventually “Spiritual health”. Notice that these 4 quantum media depends on “Frequency” as cells stimulant. This unique frequency of each hormone or neurotransmitter affecting body chemistry is generated by the unique atomic structure of the molecule, which will send a frequency signal that affects a specific “Receptor” within the cell, performing the action desired after “Resonance” occurs between the molecule frequency signal and the receptor (weather this signal is carried by magnetic, electric, sonic, or photonic media). The harmonic interaction between energy frequencies and the cells creates the effect known as “Entrainment(Enforced effect due to resonance)

The Quantum energies believed to be vital catalysts of cell function and metabolism are the: Light (Photons) and Sound (Phonons). Light is composed of smaller quantities of light, called “Quanta” or “Photons”. In the same logic, sound waves are composed from smaller quantities known as “Phonon”. Phonon simply is defined as is the sound of the “Atom’s vibration

Sound, which is composed of phonons, is received or absorbed by the cells. Phonons are able to generate motion in the physical fabric (e.g., cytoskeleton) of the cell by their compressive force. Since most cellular enzymes are attached to the inner cytoskeleton structure of the cells, then it is possible to affect the “Metabolism” by sound when cells are exposed to it

A healthy cell emits “Biophotons” and “Infra-sonic phonons” to their surroundings, and the sound is harmonic like a “Musical symphony”. Therefore, a healthy cell is related to music on a cellular level, a music we can NOT hear

Cymatherapy is a form of therapy that uses the sound waves to send waves with certain frequencies that matches the cellular frequencies to boost metabolism. Sound therapy (Cymatherapy) is used to send phonons to support the DNA structure by resonating with its gluons, re-shapes the inner cellular cytoskeleton by the mechanical property of sound, and moves the water within the cells activating cellular enzymes metabolism


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