Bio-Resonance Therapy

Bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is a term used to an energy therapeutic technique that: (1) strengthen the natural cellular health vibrations/frequencies (Chi energy); and (2) remove the pathology via “Cancelling / Neutralizing” its pathological vibrations/frequencies 

In quantum physics, the movement of an electron from a higher energy shell to a lower energy shell is accompanied by loss of the energy difference in the electron’s shell as an “Energy photons(Albert Einstein’s photo-electric effect – 1905)

Since many chemical reactions in the body are in fact “Movement of electrons or charged particles” (e.g., electron transport chain in the mitochondria), then we can conclude that live cells emitEndogenous electromagnetic vibrations” and “Biophotons”. The cellular endogenous vibrations spectrum is complex due to “Superposition” and “Overlap” vibrations from different body sources (Like an MRI signals taken from the scanner)

Many organic structures in the body are connected by hydrogen (H-) bonds (e.g., proteins, nucleic acids … etc.). Hydrogen bonds work as a “Dipole” during continuous disconnection and linkage, thus being a unit for electromagnetic vibrations generation. 

In physics, when a vibrating system responds to an “Alternative driving force” that matches its frequency, this is called “Resonance”. Therefore, bio-resonance therapy simply is applying external vibrations to living tissues that matches their frequency to augment or kill them. 

The cellular endogenous vibrations are characterized by:

1. They show “Broad-spectrum” of frequencies ranging from “Extremely low frequency – ELF” vibrations (0-30 Hz) to frequencies equal to the “Ultraviolet light” (700-800 THz), also known as “Biophotons

2. The cellular endogenous vibrations have “Low intensity”, which is why; they DON’T cause “Tissue heating

3. The cellular endogenous vibrations are “Coherent”, makes it possible to create stable existence for living system

4. The cellular endogenous reaction to external vibration (e.g., resonance) is “Windowed” for biological systems like the (Endocrine, immune, neural) systems. This means that there is a frequency “Window” or “Range” (Called Adey’s window) at which the effect occurs, not below or above this window any biological reaction will be seen 

BRT uses low-intensity, PEMF signals to eliminate unwanted signals by the organism. BRT accomplishes this by creating a standing wave that calls the organism’s attention to the disturbance. In this case there is an immediate drop in the signal, which causes the organism to compensate for the disturbance. Therapeutic application of positive signals through the use of Bioresonance technology is one of the most efficient forms of treatment, since it helps to correct internal pacers which, in turn, activate vital processes. Experimentation has proven that in patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, low vitality or fatigue, devices emitting such signals can help to eliminate even stubborn bio-informatic blockades

Some examples of BRT therapies include:

1. Tennant’s biomodulator & biotransducer


3. Royal Rife machine

4. Georges Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator

5. Panos T. Pappas’s Papimi machine


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