Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) health effect


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a form of energy radiating mostly from electrical devices. Just as there are good fats and bad fats, so there are safe EMFs and harmful EMFs. The continuous, daily exposure to EMFs is linked to many hazards and disorders since 1999. Every patient has a capacity to tolerate EMFs (Radiation cup). When this capacity is exceeded (The cup is filled), symptoms and disorders start to arise

EMFs originate from:

1. Electric devices: toaster, coffee maker, lamps, electric heaters … etc. The worldwide recommended exposure limit of AC electric fields is (< 10 V/M)

2. Magnetic devices: gas engines, motorcycles, MRI machines …etc. The worldwide recommended exposure limit of AC magnetic fields is (< 200 mT)

3. Wireless devices: cell phones, Wi-Fi router, cell towers, iPads, laptops, GPS …etc. It is more hazardous than electric and magnetic fields. The cellular damage from the use of cellular microwave phone to the head equals to the damage of 1 chest X-ray (24 hours use of cell phone make a damage that equals of 1600 chest X-rays exposure!!)

4. Ionizing radiation: CT machines, PET machines, X-rays ...etc. There are NO safe levels of ionizing radiations

The EMFs damage is augmented by heavy metal toxicity in the body coming from: jewelry (Gold), silver dental filling (Mercury), smoking (Cadmium, lead), contaminated water (Lead, copper), deodorants (Aluminum), antacids & aspirin (Aluminum) ...Etc.

Mechanisms of EMFs cellular damage:

1. Heat deposition in the tissues: this is typically caused by magnetic EMFs, and measured by the “Specific Absorption rate – SAR” level. Cell phones deposit their wireless EMFs in the brain causing mild boiling of the cerebrospinal fluid causing neuronal DNA damage 

2. Ionic bond disruption: the EMFs energy can be absorbed by outer shells electrons in the atoms liberating them from their orbits, and creating “Free radicals”. The free radicals and the oxidative stress are the main theory behind all types of “Degenerative disorders

3. Enzymes inactivation: enzymes are proteins, and proteins have amino acid backbone with positive and negative charge on its end due to its organic functional group. High electrical or magnetic field will cause attraction of the charge toward the field during exposure, deforming the shape of the enzyme. A deformed enzyme shape means ineffective/defective enzyme

4. Disruption of hormonal secretion: secretion of melatonin depends on the circadian rhythm, which is tuned based on the Earth’s electromagnetic field frequency (7.83 Hz - Schumann resonance). Cellular phones EMFs are between (100 kHz – 3 GHz). Continuous, daily exposure to cellular EMFs his will disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, causing improper secretion of hormones that depends on the circadian rhythm such as: melatonin (Poor sleep), Growth hormone (Poor growth), and Cortisol (Stress

Disorders that have been linked to some degree with chronic exposure to EMFs, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other investigators, include: childhood leukemia, acoustic neuroma, brain gliomas, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and chronic daily headache. The most important protector from EMFs is “Distance” from the source of the EMFs


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