Brainwaves - The Brain Gears

Brainwaves are the electromagnetic waves emitted from the neuronal activity of the brain, and they are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from neuronal communication. They are recorded by in a technique called “Electro-encephalography – EEG

Brainwaves can be considered as the “Brain gears”, where each one reflects brain activity and function (e.g., emotions and behavior). It is possible to affect or correct brain activity by manipulating brainwaves via sound, music (Binural beats), or electrical devices

Brainwave subtypes include:

Epsilon brainwave (< 0.5 Hz): is associated with very high states of meditation & out-of-body experience 

Delta brainwave (0.5-3 Hz): is associated with deep sleep & unconsciousness. It is very high in patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD)

Theta brainwave (4-8 Hz): is associated with light sleep, meditation, fantasy, and imagination. It is a degree between wakefulness and sleep (first 4 sleep cycles)

Alpha-1 brainwave (8-9 Hz): is associated with inner-self-awareness

Alpha-2 brainwave (10-12 Hz): is associated with relaxation (Awake but alert), pain relief, and calmness

Beta brainwave (12-17 Hz): is associated with thinking and brain activity

Hyper-Beta brainwave (17-30 Hz): is associated with high attention and focus, academic achievements, general brain activation

Gamma brainwave (30-40 Hz): is associated with the formation of ideas, language, memory process, and learning. Autistic children have low gamma brainwave in general

Hyper-Gamma brainwave (40-100 Hz): is associated with cognitive achievement and mind stress. A good memory works in 40 Hz and above

Lambda brainwave (100-200 Hz): is associated with ecstatic state of consciousness, deep levels of insights, and extra-ordinary states of consciousness 

Schumann’s resonance

In 1952, the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth crest at sea level and the conductive ionosphere sky level act like a “Resonant cavity” for vibrations in the “Extremely low frequencies – ELFs” band, which include Earth’s magnetic field (7.83 Hz)

Interestingly, the same frequency (7.83 Hz) is within the theta brainwave frequency range, and it is used by the brain’s hippocampus (In the temporal lobe) in many animals for “Maze navigation”!!! Humans and animals have been found to have natural magnetite (iron crystals) in the brain and other tissues that sense magnetic field changes. Shielding humans from earth magnetic field creates “Circadian rhythm desynchronization disorders

To restore Schumann’s resonance to the brain as a therapy, many magnetic devices can be used to create this frequency to enhance memory and enhance sleep. The best three, practical devices I personally use are: the Tennant’s biotransducer (PEMF accessory for Tennant’s biomodulator), Brain tuner and Earthpulse® unit

Dr. Bob Beck’s brain tuner

This is a device designed by the American physicist Dr. Bob Beck and manufactured by SOTA health manufacturer. The brain tuner is an experimental, battery powered electronic instrument that delivers minute levels of relaxing energy to the body through electrodes. The device is used to tune the brain’s frequency with the normal Earth’s electromagnetic field frequency (Schumann resonance). Brain tuning has been found to reduces stress, reverse addiction within 5 days

These micro-current energy pulses of the brain tuner machine appear to stimulate and re-balance certain brain neurotransmitter chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. that may be involved in many stress-related conditions. Some of these neurotransmitters are also thought to be linked to memory, creativity, learning, and intelligence

The brain tuner is a form of “Cranial Electric Stimulator(CES) that produces over 500 frequencies that can rapidly balance and restore the natural energies of your body and mind. The magical frequency that influences the brain is (7.83Hz). Cocaine, heroin and meth-amphetamines addiction is cleared in 5-7 days generally speaking after using the brain tuner 

Dr. Paul Becker’s Earthpulse® unit

Earthpulse® unit is a device that generates (1.5 Gauss) electromagnetic field to supplement the deficient Earth magnetic field (Schumann resonance). The original Earth magnetic field was (2.5 Gauss) hundreds of years before. Currently, the Earth magnetic field is (0.5 Gauss), which is 80% less than what it used to be. The device helps restore energy, obtain deep sleep, and reduce the neuronal oxidative stress by supplying Schumann resonance

Earthpulse® is a machine used to emit “Brain waves” frequencies ranging from 1-14 Hz, best used for people with insomnias and circadian rhythm disorders


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