The body Tesla’s coil concept

Nikola Tesla was the first modern scientist to be recognized for manipulating electromagnetic fields for health purposes. In the early 1900s (1895 exactly), he invented the “Tesla coil”, which is used in electromagnetic medical devices. These devices were often large round solenoid coils of wire that would surround the patient while they would stand or lie on a bed. They were energized directly from the (50 or 60 Hz) sine wave electrical system. The patient would usually experience an immediate relief in pain

The “Tune / Resonant Circuit” is composed of a coil wired in parallel, box-like shaped wires to a capacitor. This circuit creates “Resonance / Frequency” according to the coil material. A tune circuit is used in radio and other electronics to couple resonating energy from one circuit to another in transmitter and receiver fashion

Dr. Jerry Tennant in his book “Healing is voltage” recognized the same Tesla coil principle in the human body. According to Dr. Tennant, the body works as a “Tesla circuit”, where “Solid organs” serve as Capacitors”, storing voltage (-ve charge), “Hollow organsserve as “Coils”, storing voltage (+ve charge), and the spinal nerves serve as “Connecting wires”. The original Tesla coil has a direct current (DC) power supply that supplies the capacitors with electric energy or electrons. In the body, according to Dr. Tennant, the DC power batteries are supplied by specific group of muscles that follows the acupuncture meridians

The solid organs are supplied by voltage from the “Surrounding muscles”, which serves as “Batteries” supplying the solid organs with electrons due to their “Piezoelectric nature” and their surrounding “Fascia(Electron transport system). The solid organs are supplied by the body’s “Flexors(Sympathetic frontal muscles); in contrast, the hollow organs are electrically-supplied by the body’s “Extensors(Parasympathetc back muscles). The body Tesla coils are summarized as the following:

Liver (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Gallbladder (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)

Lungs (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Large intestine (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)

Heart (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Small intestine (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)

Spleen (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Stomach (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)

Kidneys (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Bladder (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)

Triple warmer (Capacitor, -ve, Parasympathetic) → Pericardium (Coil, +ve, Sympathetic)


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