The Medical Illuminati

Dear guests

Welcome to my website. This website is designed to give you a tour in medical knowledge that is uncommonly or rarely practiced in hospitals and medical clinics, yet it is highly effective and goes in harmony with nature  

When I started my interest in natural medicine in 2010, I got confused by the huge number of information out there in books, DVDs, and internet websites. Most the knowledge presented in these lectures or books were new to me and I never heard about them in medical school, which I foolishly thought it will give me everything I need to be a successful doctor!

At first, I rejected this knowledge due to my strict, conventional medical background; also, I had this stupid idea that no way these books and DVDs will say something solid; if so, why we are not taught about it in medical school? Is it really that my medical professors do not know about these things? With time, the answer became “Yes”, my professors are ignorant in this type of knowledge as I was; why? Because of almost 70 years of cover-ups and pharmaceutical influence on the medical system. Politics in medicine do not differ than politics in war, unfortunately

Many of the mechanisms described by natural medicine textbooks and practitioners are almost 80% identical to the teaching I studied in medical school, but they are described from biological point-of-view, with no pharmacological interest or influence. Therefore, such knowledge will rarely find its way into universities, conferences, medical schools, and journals, which are all heavily funded. With some exceptions of course   

The knowledge presented in this website took me years in research, from the perspective of a person who believes only in hard, logical evidence. I walked a long journey through the books to link the picture of the human body metabolism to the cellular level, and to learn the truth from hype. To my amazement, I believe few doctors worldwide know the human body at the cellular level in reality. I learned from great scientists around the globe through their wonderful life achievements; but most of these giants are giants in one or two perspective in the human body, and not necessarily they cover the whole aspect of the human body  

I am just a student of science; a students of these giants. In this website, I will mention some of the works of these giants for the public. Many of these giants do not need my introduction for the people who know them. But I can assure you, you will find thousands of doctors and health care professionals who do not know about them or their life’s work. To those doctors, I present this website

I do not expect every health professional reading the content of this website to believe me. It is his/her choice in the end. Of course, I might be another quack for him/her, like how many of the giants I studied from were accused to be. I cannot de-brain-wash people. However, for anyone reading anything in this website, I suggest that you read it with an open mind and heart, and leave prejudice ideas away. In the end, no one knows the whole truth, and medical theories are continuously changing every 5-10 years

The website presents articles that introduce the reader to a specific concept or a therapy. I cannot summarize everything per subject, and there are books and websites that are doing much better job than me. My aim from the articles presented in this website is to present the therapy or the biological concept in a concise way for the reader; just to inform him/her that such a therapy or a medical concept do exist somewhere, not necessary in your medical school library

There are specific resources are mentioned in the articles presented in this website for people who want to go in-depth. The purpose of this website is just to “Illuminate” the way of natural medicine for you, in a world of medical practice that is becoming ugly and darky day by day; even by the conventional physicians’ standards!

Modern medicine is doing wonders in the field of trauma, surgeries, and acute medicine; but it is a disgrace when it comes to the management of chronic disorders, degenerative disorders, and cancers!

For anyone interested in in-depth consultations regarding protocols or therapies mentioned in this website, please feel free to contact me

Jarrah Ali Al-Tubaikh (M.D.)

German-Board of Radiology (Munich)